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Masy Consultants works alongside project sponsors to organise and facilitate capacity-building initiatives aimed at empowering communities particularly women and youth, with the knowledge and skills to create sustainable solutions to local challenges.


The ability to access clean and sustainable water sources and energy is essential to human development leading to economic growth and productivity. However, rural poverty remains a prevalent issue across the Philippines. Millions of Filipino families continue to rely on unsafe and unsustainable water sources and lack access to improved sanitation. And while grid electricity is slowly becoming available in remote settlements, many households continue to wholly or partially use kerosene and other non-renewables for lighting.

Improved access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services and clean energy is the gateway to increased economic opportunities and quality of life. This is why communities need to urgently educate women and youths, those who are most disadvantaged yet are very capable of learning new technical skills and applying them to their communities’ needs with the confidence, knowledge and leadership to be social entrepreneurs. To build community resilience is to create a self-sufficient environment where every member of the community shares ownership of the development and implementation of the solution.

Masy Consultants works alongside project sponsors to plan, develop and deliver tailored Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)  projects centred on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Projects are customised to deliver to project sponsor objectives while ensuring the needs of beneficiaries are always prioritised. We ensure each project (or idea) is fully realised to maximise their social impact from start to end.

“They taught us good things. It was so interesting because it benefited our knowledge, especially for females regarding all the topics”

- Marilyn Masucol

“It was good to learn the hard things as it will benefit us and our community”

- Angelo Octavo


Collaborate with project sponsors to achieve the following:

  • Empower households, namely women and youths, by encouraging and honing their leadership and social entrepreneurial skills

  • Engage with local communities to educate, ideate and help them develop inclusive and sustainable solutions which target the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

    • SDG 4: Quality Education

    • SDG 5: Gender Equality

    • SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

    • SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

UN SDG 4 Quality Education.png
UN SDG 5 Gender Equality.png
UN SDG 6 Clean Water & Sanitation.png


Want to make a long-lasting difference for needy communities? 

Masy Consultants is looking for strategic partners who share similar values in creating a long-lasting difference through education.

This includes sponsorship of a community outreach initiative and collaboration with implementation partners who are interested in bringing capacity-building initiatives to their local communities.  We are firm believers of synergy.

To learn more, please write to:

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