Masy Consultants is committed to organising and facilitating workshops aimed at empowering communities particularly women and youths, with the skills to ideate and develop inclusive and sustainable clean energy solutions.


The ability to access modern, clean, and sustainable energy is essential to human development leading to economic growth and productivity.  However, energy poverty remains a prevalent issue in rural communities across the Philippines. While grid electricity is slowly becoming available in remote settlements, many households continue to wholly or partially use kerosene and other non-renewables for lighting.  

Energy is the gateway to increased economic opportunities, education and quality of life, which means rural communities need to urgently educate women and youths, those who are most disadvantaged yet are very capable of learning new technical skills and applying it to the communities’ needs with the confidence, knowledge and leadership to be social entrepreneurs. To build communal resilience is to create a self-sufficient environment where every member of the community shares ownership of the development and implementation of an inclusive clean energy programme.


  • Empower households, namely women and youths, by encouraging and honing their leadership and social entrepreneurial skills

  • Engage with local stakeholders to educate, ideate and help them develop inclusive and sustainable clean energy solutions


“They taught us good things. It was so interesting because it benefited our knowledge, especially for females regarding all the topics”

- Marilyn Masucol

“It was good to learn the hard things as it will benefit us and our community”

- Angelo Octavo


Want to make a long-lasting difference for needy communities? 

Masy Consultants is looking for strategic partners who share similar values in creating a long-lasting difference through education.

This includes sponsorship of a community outreach initiative and collaboration with implementation partners who are interested in running bringing our workshops to their local communities.  We are firm believers of synergy.

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El Nido Municipality experiences daily blackouts reinforcing the severe energy gap in the Philippines and energy poverty faced by vulnerable households. The continued use of kerosene in light of the health hazards it presents is also due to the lack of education, policies, and enabling mechanisms, which act as barriers which inhibit the uptake and utility of renewable energy resources.

In June 2018, Masy Consultants successfully carried out a community outreach project titled “Investigation of affordable clean energy solutions for off-grid rural communities in the Philippines”. The project was sponsored by the Research for Development Impact (RDI) Network.

The project was comprised of:

(1)  Full-day interactive workshop participated by youth, women and local leaders

(2)  2-Day field investigation participated by 52 households across 9 barangays


Participants were introduced to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, social entrepreneurship, design-thinking, and off-grid solar house systems. The project substantiated the organisation’s hypothesis of what constitutes a successful clean energy program for rural communities in El Nido and neighbouring municipalities. It also highlighted the role of women as key enablers within the initiation, implementation, and maintenance of an inclusive solar energy program. The project received positive feedback, testimonials and succeeded social impact results in increasing the level of understanding and knowledge of participants.

A report and analysis of these findings are documented in the Project Summary Report.

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