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WASH Education (WASHEd)

The Portfolio Delivery Services Partner (PDSP) is a Masy-led Consortium committed to creating a Sustainable Water Future by tackling water poverty across the Philippines and wider ASEAN region.

The PDSP aims to improve the capabilities of WASH professionals, water utilities, government agencies, corporates, and institutions to enable them to provide sustainable and reliable water and sanitation services for all.

EcoSan Program

EcoSan systems provide an innovative and low-cost solution to address multiple problems while promoting circular economy.

Masy Consultants is committed to promoting self-sufficiency by empowering and educating locals about EcoSan systems to improve their health, natural environment and agricultural economy.

Capacity-building Initiatives

Masy Consultants is committed to improving the self-sufficiency of rural communities by organising and facilitating capacity-building initiatives.

Workshops are aimed at empowering households particularly women and youths, with the skills to ideate and develop inclusive and sustainable solutions for their communities.

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