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Building Up Future Leaders - Masy Makes Strides With AusLEAP

Masy Consultants, in collaboration with UTS, has utilised their experience as a trusted agency to deliver AusLEAP

AusLEAP connects international students in NSW with local, established organisations to undertake training and volunteering opportunities. Whether paired with a charity, a not-for-profit, or a social enterprise, these students gain invaluable experience that they can then apply to other ventures. With partnerships in over 15 educational institutions and access to over 300 charities to volunteer with, the program imparts participants with a wide set of skills to tackle the future of marketing, leadership, networking, and more.

Having established their program management and leadership capabilities, Masy Consultants were confident in their capacity to co-lead the program with the University of Technology Sydney and partner Communiteer. Tasked with project planning, development and delivery services, Masy worked to ensure that the program was thoughtfully tailored to the experience of NSW International Students and actively planned to provide meaningful insights. A key focus was to ensure an increased understanding of the benefits and challenges of volunteering, personal branding, leadership, and the Australian workplace culture, while also ensuring respect to one another’s heritage and cultures remained a key theme across all sessions. This was not only accomplished by noting and exploring the diversity among participants, but by acknowledging the significance of the Acknowledgement of Country as a platform for this multicultural dialogue.

Activating potential among youth to deliver practical social outcomes is an objective dear to Masy Consultants, who have used their capabilities to create deliverables focused on water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). Their most recent project, WASHEd, is in the same vein - a set of tailored modules focused on WASH, which is available for teachers to bring to their classrooms with the hope of creating sustainable behaviours for the next generation. Regarding AusLEAP, Masy co-founder Thomas Da Jose was eager to see the impact: “I am excited by the sheer number of participants already sharing their positive experiences so far, from their learnings about the Australian workplace culture, broadened horizons in different volunteering opportunities, to the friendships they have been able to build because of this [AusLEAP] program”.

Taking place from February 26 to April 9, these four workshops are sure to build up a global community of future leaders and contribute to an increasingly ambitious future. We look forward to seeing where these new ventures go.

AusLEAP is proudly sponsored by Study NSW. This event is made possible with the help of key partner UTS and collaborator Communiteer. We look forward to working together for a better future.


About Masy Consultants

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