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Edified Energiser Grants - 2020 winners

Masy Consultants was awarded the highly-competitive 2020 Energiser Grant out of nearly 100 applications to spearhead its Portfolio Delivery Services Partner (PDSP) pilot program.

Masy Consultants team members (Photo supplied by Thomas Da Jose)

Each participating winner will be given A$5000 to support the development and growth of their project, which are focused on improving the education of a nominated community and fit within Edified’s ethos of wishing to sponsor positive social change through education. Each project has at least one student or alumni from an Australian, UK or NZ education provider.

The 2020 winners are:

1. Safety, Health and Wellbeing Category

Supported by Sonder

Introducing a strategic WASH platform to the Philippines

Many communities continue to face challenges when it comes to water sanitation and hygiene, which is where Masy Consultants comes in. In collaboration with the Australian Water Association and, the Portfolio Delivery Services Partner (PDSP) will deliver bespoke training to Filipino Water Districts to build their capabilities and creditworthiness, promoting sustainability and reliable WASH services to all communities. This partnership will help drive COVID-19 resilience and recovery efforts. Masy Consultants, led by Thomas Da Jose, enacts change through collaborative efforts.

2. Women and Gender Equity Category

Supported by Lead5050

Enhancing management of menstrual hygiene towards improved education standards for Secondary School Girls, Kenya.

Majority of girls in Kenya are unable to consistently attend school due to disruption during menstrual cycle caused by pain and the embarrassment because of lack of sanitary towels. When girls skip school they miss out on lessons and achieve poor grades. The number of hours lost every month affects their performance and with time some drop out because they become demotivated. Maurine and the team are determined to see an increase in girls school retention and their effective participation in education without disruption.

3. General Category

Supported by Edified

‍Project Binhi, an initiative that aims to provide access to education to students of the Dumagat tribe

COVID-19 has made education even more inaccessible to low-income groups and indigenous communities in the Philippines. Erika Dimaguila Roquero and her team plan to help students of the Dumagat tribe in the mountains of Antipolo by building a technology-enabled, protocol-compliant learning hub and by empowering them through leadership development initiatives.

Special thanks to the judging panel:


  • Dr Patrick Pheasant, Chief Executive Officer, NEAS Australia

  • Afiqah Ramizi, National Vice President, NZISA

Women and Gender Equity

  • Emma Tudor, Vice President of Business Development at Sports For Learning

  • Nadine Baladi, Founder and Managing Partner, The Parliament Group

Safety, Health and Wellbeing

  • Sahinde Pala, Director, Student Experience & Global Citizens, Education NZ

  • Joanna Storti, Head of Education, Sonder


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