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Masy Consultants and PSSE partner up for WASHEd

Masy Consultants and the Philippine Society of Network Engineers (PSSE), Inc come together to form WASH in Education (WASHEd) partnership.

Masy Consultants is partnering with the Philippine Society of Sanitary Engineers (PSSE), Inc to tackle Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) concerns among vulnerable sectors and communities in the Philippines. Both Masy Consultants and PSSE understand that such communities not only lack adequate WASH facilities, but also the knowledge and information about essential WASH concepts. By forming the WASHEd partnership, Masy Consultants and PSSE will work together to address this issue.

Following an initial partnership meeting, PSSE released the following statement: “PSSE continues to bridge networks with stakeholders from different public and private agencies to boost social and environmental benefits. PSSE aligning itself as a possible partner in pursuit of greater Professional Organization-Social Enterprise linkages. PSSE has conducted an exploratory meeting with Masy Consultants for a project aiming for positive meaningful change.”

Kick-off partnership meeting between Masy Consultants and PSSE for WASH in Education (WASHEd)

The PSSE is the only professional organization of Sanitary Engineers in the Philippines accredited by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) by virtue of PRC Board Resolution No. 2009-497 & Certificate of Accreditation No. 26. It is also the only PRC-accredited Continuing Professional Education Provider for Sanitary Engineers. With the support of such a reputable organization, fantastic opportunities can be explored to scale-up WASHed.

By partnering with the PSSE, WASHEd will be boosted by receiving the following:

  • Assistance in the development of the WASHEd Curriculum, modules, and other learning materials;

  • Added marketing and communications support of WASHEd and ancillary activities through various platforms;

  • Further representative and manpower support during WASHEd activities such as launching, capacity-building, and other activities and projects where their expertise is deemed necessary;

  • Further support in the development of Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) materials and other supplemental WASHEd materials and projects that coincide with their expertise;

  • Additional capacity and consultancy for the monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of WASHEd Project especially in terms of impact analysis and project scale up; and

  • Further consultation and advisory services to WASHEd project team.

Masy Consultants is excited to work with PSSE and collaboratively address these items and the wider issues presented to struggling communities. WASHEd Lead Phil Saraspe shares, “As public schools in the Philippines are gearing up for the resumption of face-to-face classes amidst this global health crisis, greater collaboration is needed to ensure the safety of the learners especially those in the vulnerable communities. We will continue to optimize our partnerships with various stakeholders in order to provide holistic solutions to WASH-related challenges in various communities and help them in their journey towards COVID-19 recovery.”

“Masy Consultants continues to collaborate with partners to provide communities with dignified access to WASH education and services to make a transformative impact”, adds Masy Co-Founder and Managing Director Thomas Da Jose.

Together, Masy Consultants and the PSSE can ensure WASHEd is a success.


About Masy Consultants

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