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WASHEd Receives Positive Feedback and Commitment from the Department of Education Cebu City Division

Masy Consultants is delighted by DepEd Cebu City Division's commitment to unlocking the full potential of WASHEd across all elementary schools.

Masy Consultants has received an official testimonial from Nurse Mae at the DepEd Cebu City Division about the pilot WASHEd Program. Mae Sagario is a School Nurse in Cebu and the program coordinator of the WASH in Schools (WinS) Scheme. The scheme seeks to elevate Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) as a priority for children and young people in schools.

This testimonial is part of a series of impact stories from our beneficiaries to show our strengthening relationship with school divisions, government departments, schools, and teachers. These relationships highlight the impact that WASHEd is having in communities across Cebu City. At Masy, we are committed to ensuring that the voices of the communities we work with are amplified and valued to guide the future. Nurse Mae’s feedback is one we feel privileged and excited to have received and will be part of the basis for the way we move forward.

WASHEd Capacity-Building Workshop with participating schools and teachers

Nurse Mae attended Masy’s pilot WASHEd workshops. These workshops resource teachers in Cebu with the tools and knowledge needed to educate students on WASH issues. Mae joined the program with us to grow her skills in teaching materials such as safe hygiene, Infection control, and the prevention of diseases such as COVID-19.

“On behalf of the Department of Education, Cebu City Division, I am very glad of this partnership since the programme is very timely and relevant,” said Nurse Mae, “We gained a lot of learning that will benefit of our school children so that they can be given access to a safe and conducive learning environment. We do hope that this programme will be extended since many will benefit from it, especially at this time".

Masy Consultants is looking forward to rolling out more of these programs and working in partnership with the Department of Education to resource and empower more professionals like Nurse Mae, as we create safer WASH access for children, families and communities in the Philippines.


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