WASH Education (WASHEd)

Transforming community WASH Behaviours, one learning module at a time.

Learn more about WASHEd and how we can work with your organisation in integrating our suite of services into your WASH initiatives or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) portfolio.


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WASH Education (or "WASH-Ed" for short) is an innovative suite of services created by Masy Consultants, aimed at transforming community WASH behaviours, one module at a time. WASHEd is developed in partnership with the Philippines Society of Sanitary Engineers, Inc. (PSSE) and has been endorsed by the Department of Education (DepEd) for integration into its WASH in Schools (WinS) program. WASHEd is designed for schools, communities and WASH advocacy organisations.

Our program aims to:

  • Empower participants to take individual and collective actions to address WASH-related challenges through contextualized experiential learning;  

  • Engage vulnerable sectors and communities in implementing individual and collective measures to address community WASH issues through education;

  • Empower youth leaders and teachers to implement Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Education (WASHEd) in their respective schools and communities; and

  • Inspire participants to become advocates of WASH in their communities.

Developing a more contextual approach to experiential learning, we have developed the Engage-Share-Process-Observe-Try (E-SPOT) Model as the primary learning model for the curriculum. Through this model, participants are immersed in engaging learning activities that enable them to develop WASH knowledge and skills through real-world and hands-on experiences that are meaningful to them and their community.  



When it comes to WASH Education, Masy Consultants offer expertise in assisting a wide range of organisations. We work with elementary, junior high and high schools, universities, government agencies and their affiliates, and corporations seeking to meaningfully give back to communities through targeted and sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

Our services include:

  1. Educator Programs:  We empower Educators to develop a robust understanding of the WASHEd modules and feel confident in their skills to guide the learning of their students and school communities.

  2. Community-based Training: We facilitate bespoke Community-based Training for local communities to enhance their understanding of WASH in line with the WASHEd modules.

  3. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programs: We work with you in designing and/or delivering CSR initiatives in line with your company's objectives to maximise your social impact. This generally includes:

    • Empowering staff with a deepened understanding of WASH through engaging and fun workshop activities

    • Mobilising funds to finance the delivery of WASHEd to needy schools and communities

    • Overseeing field investigations and the construction of WASH facilities in collaboration with barangay leaders and local trades to promote self-sufficiency

  4. Certified Training for WASHEd Facilitators: We will be developing training programs for individuals and/or groups interested in becoming Certified WASHEd Facilitators. This program will be offered from mid-2022.

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Our WASHEd program is comprised of six modules. Each module has been thoughtfully designed in close consultation with grassroots, WASH practitioners and educators, and accredited professional organisations. We have created a novel and structured lesson plan for all Filipinos.

Module 1: Water Resources and Accessibility

Module 2: Water Health and Safety

Module 3: Water Sustainability

Module 4: Sanitation

Module 5: Hand Hygiene

Module 6: Disinfection and other Hygienic Practices

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