We are a social enterprise committed to making meaningful change. 

Whether it's improving access to clean water and education in marginalised sectors, or creating innovative platforms that promote self-sufficiency and sustainable development, we deliver projects that help people and communities thrive. We provide project management, community engagement and consulting services in collaboration with our clients, partners and communities to achieve exciting and sustainable results together. 


Our team is comprised of professionals based across Australia and the ASEAN region, whose determination, capabilities and experience drive the success of our projects to maximise social impact.


To enhance the wellbeing and resilience of disadvantaged communities, because everyone has the right to live with health, dignity, and prosperity.

Through collaborative partnerships, we empower communities to uplift themselves from poverty by creating platforms that activate  knowledge-sharing, capacity-building and community engagement.


Masy Consultants was launched in 2017, after Co-founders Thomas Da Jose and Sir Edwin Mangunay observed the growing gaps in education and clean water access faced by marginalised sectors, particularly disadvantaged communities across Australia and the Philippines. Our humanitarian purpose stems from Thomas' experiences and his commitment to utilise his Australian education to 'Pay it Forward'.

Today, our organisation is a diverse team comprised of engineers, planners, consultants and specialists, driven by a common purpose to make a world that's not just good for a few, but good for everyone. Together, with a dedicated team and the needs of the present, we work to make a tangible difference for those who need it most.


Our values define who we are, how we act, and what is important to us in everything we do



We actively work towards making a world that's not just good for a few, but is good for everyone.

Create Value Together


Collaboration is how we get things done. We work hand-in-hand with our local partners to design and implement impactful solutions.

Safeguard our People


We work ethically, while prioritising safety in everything that we do.

Inspire the Future


We continuously grow because we believe in our vision, develop and celebrate our people, and elevate the communities we touch.