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Masy Consultants & PSSE Reach Out To Community For World Environment Day

To celebrate World Environment Day, Masy Consultants and Philippine Society of Sanitary Engineers, Inc. visited Sitio Haduan to provide WASH awareness training for affected communities.

The Philippine Society of Sanitary Engineers (PSSE) and key partner, Masy Consultants, celebrated World Environment Day through an outreach program for the Aeta Community of Sitio Haduan, Mabalacat City, Pampanga on June 5, 2022. This initiative was also underscored by PSSE’s month-long celebration of Philippine Sanitary Engineering Day (celebrated every June 18).

The event also involved other organizations, who collaborated with Masy and PSSE to serve and provide contributions to the indigenous community of Sitio Hadua, which involved PSSE National Officers, PSSE Central Luzon Chapter Officers and members, PICE QC Hall Sub Chapter Officers and members, 3BC Bikers, faculty and students from National University-Manila.

WASH education facilitated in Sitio Haduan Elementary School (supplied: PSSE, 2022)

Masy was entrusted by PSSE to facilitate WASH Education (WASHEd) workshops to educate an estimated one hundred indigenous people, ranging from children to adults.

“WASH Education is one of the core passions of Masy”, shared Engr. Manny Taguba, Secretary of PSSE National.

Masy team members, Ira Joshua Manuel and Kathleen May Faigal, educated the community on a range of WASH topics to provide the community with a basic understanding of the importance of water, knowledge of what to watch out for in their water sources to prevent waterborne diseases, basic and correct handwashing procedures, proper and hygienic ways to store water, and the importance of vaccination as an additional barrier of health protection.

Community outreach program summary (supplied: PSSE, 2022)

The community’s enthusiasm was highly-evident. Children and adults eagerly shared their own experiences in connection to what was taught, using Masy’s E-SPOT framework to reflect on first-hand experiences. They positively responded to the interactive workshop experience, inclusive knowledge-sharing, and educational games; supported by the distribution of WASH kits, new slippers, and healthy packed lunch for a simple “salo-salo” (feast).

Subsequently, the team also undertook a joint field survey with community coordinator, Teacher Faye, to understand the current WASH situation. This initial assessment would inform the development and delivery of future projects, which yielded self-sufficiency.

Together, Masy Consultants and PSSE are committed to further exploring deeper partnerships with the Sitio Haduan Elementary School, to raise awareness and strengthen their understanding of the importance of WASH and empower future generations.

Assorted photos illustrating community outreach program in Sitio Haduan (supplied: PSSE, 2022)


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