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Masy Consultants Secure Partnership with Department of Education Cebu City Division

Masy Consultants have secured a signed partnership with Cebu City’s Department of Education, strengthening their relationship to continue delivering a holistic digital curriculum through WASHEd.

Masy Consultants are proud to announce that they have cemented a signed partnership with the Department of Education Cebu City Division. This relationship, built on the impact technology-based program WASHEd, will enable their materials to have an unprecedented scope, reaching thousands more children throughout the country.

Masy Consultants and DepEd Cebu City School Division representatives undertaking a joint tour of elementary schools which participated in the WASHEd pilot rollout

Cebu City’s DepEd has been a partner of Masy Consultants, helping to proliferate the learning modules during the initial WASHEd launch last year. As Masy is composed of both Australian and Philippines-based teams, the latter was quick to drive strong relations with the Department to gain a better insight into the problems with sanitation education within Cebu City.

With their help, WASHEd had a compelling ability to target the weaknesses in the youth curriculum. By engaging with educators and helping to assist them to understand the importance and impact this information leaves on their students, WASHEd quickly cemented itself as a focused set of learnings that took advantage of the reach provided by digital education. Working together, The pilot elementary school rollout of WASHEd impacted over 7,900 students across 4 schools, while training 11 educators to help facilitate long-term learning and implement the curriculum through the delivery of customised programs.

There is palpable excitement for what the future can bring.

"Schools are uniquely positioned to shape the future of our children's education in WASH. The partnership between DepEd and Masy for WASHEd will underscore a roadmap that realises the rollout of accessible, engaging, and transformative WASH content to school teachers and classrooms across the Philippines" shared Co-founder Thomas Da Jose

One thing is clear: there is real belief in the impact that WASHEd is making. Actively targeting gaps in the current curriculum, WASHEd was able to leave a strong impact on participating educators and their students. Undergoing refinement before its second launch, the Masy team is prepared to create a program that focuses on long-term sustainability in the education sector. While the road ahead is long, Masy - with the backing of the Department - can know they are on the right path.


About Masy Consultants

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