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Masy Shines Light Onto Social Enterprising Experience at National Colombo Plan National Summit

Proud Filipino-Australian Thomas Da Jose, was invited to travel to Canberra for the New Colombo Plan National Summit. With hundreds of participants, and paired with other accomplished alumni, Thomas shared valuable lessons to Australia’s best and brightest scholars about running a social enterprise.

Thomas Da Jose sharing Masy Consultants' journey and lessons learnt with summit attendees

On the 12th of April, Masy Consultants Co-founder Thomas Da Jose was invited to present at the 2022 New Colombo Plan (NCP) National Summit held in Canberra at the Australian National University (ANU). A flagship program of the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the summit was attended by more than 400 participants including scholars, alumni, business partners, and diplomatic corps. The event’s significance was reflected in the opening remarks of DFAT Secretary Kathryn Campbell AO CSC and Bar, who highlighted the capability of emerging leaders in transforming Australia’s regional ties. She specially mentioned Thomas Da Jose for his leadership and the achievements accomplished by the Masy team in the Philippines and the wider Indo-Pacific region.

More than 400 participants including scholars, alumni, business partners, and diplomatic corps in attendance at the New Colombo Plan Summit

The summit was then followed by a series of plenary sessions. Joined by Angelica Casada, founder of the Australian Thai Youth Ambassadors Program, and Anastasia Pavlovic, founder of Mekar Collective, the panellists were able to exchange experiences and lessons on what they know best: social enterprises.

Organised by Masy Consultants, their plenary session, titled Doing Good: Understanding opportunities for emerging social enterprises to tackle sectoral changes in the region”, was an informative foray into how one identifies and tackles emerging issues in Southeast Asia. All being founders of their own social enterprises, the panellists worked to draw from their own successes and obstacles in order to share valuable lessons with participants, with each social enterprise transforming novel and useful ideas into market-driven solutions to help improve vulnerable communities across Southeast Asia. Furthermore, all three were also able to draw on how their cultural heritage has shaped their desire to cultivate people-to-people ties.

With a large volume of participants, moderator Arielle Struhl of Masy Consultants ensured that the flow was consistent, which contributed to the session’s positive appraisal.

“Doing Good' was a highlight of the New Colombo Plan training experience and helped me comprehend my desire to inspire change” shared Indio Myles, 2022 NCP Fellow for the Philippines.

“I really enjoyed your (the) presentation alongside fellow Asian-Australians and I was genuinely very inspired”, NCP Fellow Hui (Jenny) Cheng added.

Masy Consultants is no stranger to empowering future leaders. The social enterprise has received regional recognition for its innovative work in improving the quality of life of vulnerable youth by training teachers to facilitate thoughtful and impactful WASH Education at schools. Speaking on the event, Thomas Da Jose was eager to share lessons learnt with the Australian community beyond the initiative.

“I am grateful for the opportunity provided by DFAT to help give back to the NCP community which has given me so much to help discover my purpose as a humanitarian engineer. I am confident in the future generations of scholars to meaningfully contribute to the deepened business, institutional, and people-to-people ties,” shares Thomas Da Jose.

Left to right: Arielle Struhl, Anastasia Pavlovic, Angelica Casado, and Thomas Da Jose

Masy Consultants would like to thank the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade, as well as the New Colombo Plan Secretariat, for making this event a reality and providing a platform to give back to the community.


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