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Masy Teams With The Philippine Society of Sanitary Engineers to Cultivate Social Entrepreneurship

Masy Consultants was able to amplify the impact of young leaders by participating in volunteerism and advocacy works; this enables and inspires sanitary engineers (SE) students since the general scope of the study of SEs and their nature of work directly affects the daily lives of everyone. Further, they showcased projects for community development headed by Masy youth leaders. They also expressed gratitude for the powerhouse built by the Masy-PSSE tandem in developing Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Education (WASHEd).

As a part of the 2021 Annual National Student Convention, the “EnSEpiring” talk was presented by Masy Consultants’ Engr. Thomas Da Jose, Director, and Engr. Ira Joshua Manuel, Project Consultant, on the 1st of December 2021. The event managed to draw over 450 participants. This seminar enabled the audience to appreciate the power of volunteering, grasp the need for WASH materials in the education sector, and the relevant role that young engineers and change agents play in bettering the country.

Official post from the PSSE National Page promoting speakers Engr. Thomas Da Jose and Engr. Ira Joshua Manuel across its networks

The one-day seminar discussed various topics such as:

  • How sanitary engineering students and professionals ignite youth advocacies.

  • The pre-eminence of social enterprises, and their necessity throughout the unprecedented crisis of recent times.

  • Career opportunities for social enterprises can enhance one’s knowledge and hone their skills for local benefit.

  • Exhibiting the excellence of research papers that are timeless and timely among environmental problems due to climate change and pollution.

  • The inspirational nature of being an ASEAN Engineer.

  • Strengthening mental health and surviving academic stress in the “new normal”, as well as maintaining a healthy work-life balance in the digital era.

Commenting on the material, Engineer Manuel was eager to discuss the professional impact that volunteering has had on him:

“Masy Consultants and volunteering have changed my perspective at my work and in school. It has inspired and motivated me to learn at work, study more, so I can share more. There is life outside work and studies where the need for change is recognized. Extending one’s knowledge into actions through volunteering is one step ahead in fulfilling a better tomorrow for the community and country.”

Masy Consultants responding to questions from participants about social entrepreneurship and the journey of the WASHEd Learning Curriculum

Sharing this sentiment, Mr Da Jose would add:

“Volunteering teaches you a suite of skills not formally taught in the classroom. It serves as a bridge to lifelong learning that enhances and offers meaningful ways to grow. On the other hand, volunteering is not always glamorous. One may find burnt out if one says “yes” to everything. Working hard and learning to prioritise which opportunities weigh more are pivotal parts. Thus, despite this, volunteering will still be gratifying to both a professional career and becoming a changemaker.”

There is a pressing need to introduce WASH significance into our communities. WASHEd aims to enhance and support this knowledge as it is shared with younger generations, creating long-lasting attitudes towards water preservation for the future. Its pilot launch was made possible through the sponsorship of ASEAN Foundation and Maybank Foundation by way of the Empowering Youths Across ASEAN (EYAA) programme.

Masy is beyond grateful for the partnership and support from PSSE, as their prominent role in the WASH-sphere has cultivated continuous growth for the benefit of all.

Official post from the PSSE National Page highlighting the presentation of Certificates of Appreciation to Masy Consultants for their contribution to the Annual National Convention


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