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Masy Trains Pilot Batch of Teachers in WASHEd Capacity Building Workshop

Looking to capitalise on their momentum after the WASHEd Project Launch, Masy held its two day workshop to create an enhanced understanding of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) for the pilot batch of teachers.

On 3-4 December 2021, Masy hosted its inaugural WASH Education (WASHEd) Capacity Building Workshop in Cebu City. The two day workshop allowed the team to better connect with school teachers, utilising its unique WASHEd Curriculum to further a local understanding of WASH and its importance, with this knowledge to be shared in each teacher's respective communities.

Participants were treated to modules led by WASHEd Project Lead Phil Saraspe, Engineer Ira Joshua Manuel, Engineer Manny Anthony Taguba, and Engineer Kathleen May Faigal. Learning modules addressed the importance of WASH and its contextualisation, sustainability in using water resources, water health and safety, and general hand hygiene. Teachers were also tasked to create soap sheets and hand sanitisers - an interactive tutorial spearheaded by our Empowering Youths Across ASEAN (EYAA) volunteers to educate communities about disinfection practices. Finally, the event concluded with a presentation and reflection of learnings. Complete with networking, meal-times, and an exhilarating morning Zumba session, the two days involved an honest look into future attitudes surrounding WASH in the Philippines.

Photos of the WASHEd Capacity Building Workshop held in Cebu City on 3-4 December 2021

This event plays a pivotal role in laying the groundwork for the future of WASHEd. WASHEd looks to better define the role of individual accountability in preserving vital WASH resources and infrastructure in the future. Such an ambitious target is anchored by a focus on a standardised curriculum, created to introduce Filipino youth to the importance of water from a young age, and instilling better habits from the beginning of their lives.

We fundamentally believe that everyone has the right to live with health, dignity and prosperity.

Creating an impact within this space has been a long-held dream for Masy Consultants. Co-founder Thomas Da Jose, when delivering his introduction, would state “our team at Masy is committed to our vision, which is to enhance the wellbeing and resilience of communities, because we fundamentally believe that everyone has the right to live with health, dignity and prosperity. For all of us here today, and over this weekend, it means doing our part to make sure everyone has safe and reliable access to dignified WASH facilities and education”. Da Jose would later go on to praise teachers as “the cornerstone” of this dissemination of information. As they are role models for Filipino youth and guide new minds during their formative years, there is a sincere confidence that this faith is well-placed.

The next phase for WASHED will involve measuring the effectiveness of this information’s ability to travel from teachers to students. Masy will remain actively involved in the education stage of the project.

Pilot batch of teachers trained with the knowledge and tools to deliver the WASHEd Curriculum learning modules to their classrooms.

This event would not have been possible without the help of the Philippine Society of Sanitary Engineers (PSSE), the Empowering Youths Across ASEAN programme, ASEAN Foundation, Maybank Foundation, and the Department of Education - Cebu City Division. Their support has been invaluable in providing us with the support necessary to fulfil this project.


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