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Student Workshop Cultivates Problem-Solving Skills for Future Social Development

Masy Consultants partnership with UTS and Pusan National University has enabled Engineering students to participate in a workshop that focused on cultivating their passion for social development, entrepreneurship and problem-solving across the world.

Engineering students on a 3-week exchange from Pusan National University took part in a workshop run by Masy Consultants, listening to Co-founder Thomas Da Jose’s story and cultivating their own passion for finding real-world solutions to social development issues.

Masy Consultants and Pusan National University students on study tour in Australia

This exciting collaboration between Masy Consultants and Pusan National University is an opportunity to foster the next generation of young engineers who are passionate about giving back to the community through their work. Masy worked to formulate their own ideas about how they might achieve practical solutions to address challenges in communities across the world.

The day started with a get-to-know-you game of Aussie Whispers, with students passing classic Aussie phrases down a line and seeing how the meaning differed by the end. A fun cultural exercise! The students then heard a bit about who Masy Consultants is and what they do; particularly focusing on how WASHEd, Masy’s flagship educational project, came to life in the Philippines. This involved connecting with local communities and using international support to actively improve lives through education.

Students then had the opportunity to design their own solutions by creating a social enterprise that addressed two Sustainable Development Goals in their home country, South Korea. Students presented their ideas, received feedback, and actively critiqued the feasibility of their proposed social enterprises. Thomas then encouraged all the students through his own story to find their passions and “pay it forward” through holistic work.

“Our team is committed to elevating the importance of design-thinking among youths to the social challenges we face today and in the future,” said Thomas Da Jose, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Masy Consultants. “We are humbled by UTS’ trust in Masy to provide such an experiential learning journey for Pusan National University students.”

Assorted photos from the workshop

Masy Consultants is looking forward to the opportunities this collaboration has opened up, with more workshops being scheduled throughout August 2022. This has provided a great chance to share the impact of Masy Consultants and WASHEd with universities across the world. We are looking forward to seeing many new entrepreneurs in the next generation, who work alongside communities to combat social development issues for a better tomorrow.

Masy Consultants would like to thank UTS: University of Technology Sydney for giving them the opportunity to connect with young changemakers and host this workshop.

Writer Samantha Peirson, is a student from The University of New South Wales (UNSW) School of Social Studies, who is currently undertaking a professional placement with Masy Consultants as Business Development Officer.


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