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Welcome to the Masy Family - Meet Our Nine EYAA Changemakers

As Masy Consultants begins to utilise its EYAA sponsorship from the ASEAN Foundation and Maybank Foundation to drive new projects, they are aided by nine delegates spread out around Southeast Asia, to assist them. Masy is thrilled to introduce these Changemakers, as they will be bringing their unique perspectives to the table as we tackle WASH inequality!

Masy Consultants, a social enterprise that focuses their efforts on creating new WASH opportunities worldwide, has recently found success in their drive to seek sponsorship from the eMpowering Youths Across ASEAN (EYAA) Programme Cohort. This program will allow them to elevate WASH conditions in several barangays, or villages.

To help them, Masy will be aided by nine EYAA Changemakers spread out across Southeast Asia. With a wide range of passions, credentials and perspectives, Masy is eager to bring them into the wider family.

Introducing our EYAA Changemakers!

Steven (Indonesia) "My name is Steven Setiawan. I am a climate educator and waste management enthusiast who loves to create positive social and environmental impact through my efforts. My research and work are focused on how to best optimise black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) as a sustainable and inclusive method of grassroot waste management in Indonesia."

Khaing (Myanmar) “Hello there! I am Khaing Hnin Hnin Oo, a female social entrepreneur creating jobs & sustaining education services at Teach for ASEAN in Myanmar. I have a strong interest in social enterprise growth, and taking an active role in developing and supporting social business programs. I love exploring new recipe ideas, volunteering, golden retrievers, and milk tea!"

Ly (Vietnam) “Hi, my name is Ly. I earned my US-accredited degree in International Trade at FTU Vietnam. With over five years as a Key Account Manager at Procter & Gamble, I managed both their biggest distributor and supermarket chain in Vietnam. Besides learning new languages and trying new foods, I am passionate about contributing to meaningful social projects.”

Jeta (Thailand) “Greetings all! I am Jeta Jiranuntarat, or you can call me Non. I am currently teaching hill tribe schoolchildren as part of the Teach for Thailand fellowship program. My driving principle is the reduction of human suffering, with a particular focus on inequality and climate change mitigation. I hope that my understanding of the SDGs from my consulting experience with UN Thailand as its SDGs Youth Panelist may be of use in improving WASH access and awareness with Masy Consultants.”

Aldrea (Singapore) “My name is Aldrea Leong, and I enjoy volunteering and giving back to the community. I believe in empowering others. I also love playing sports and engaging in physical activities, such as skateboarding, as they keep me healthy and give me great thrills! I also have a background in Sports Management. In my free time, you’ll find me at the gym as I think keeping fit and maintaining my physical health is important!”

Vinay (Laos) “Hi, my Name is Vinay Chansomphou. I am passionate about helping people in need live healthier, better lives. My personal mantra is, “helping others is the path to becoming a better version of myself". Currently, I am volunteering as a frontline health worker for Covid-19 patients at a local field hospital. In my leisure time, I like to read books and play games. I am grateful to play a role in Masy Consultants’ mission of creating better lives, and I hope I can contribute to the team as much as I can!”

Emily (Philippines) "I’m Emily! In addition to my current role as a Project Management Officer for a fintech company, I am still continuously pursuing my passion for community service. I have been doing advocacy and volunteer work for the last eight years, both on a local and national scale. I enjoy nature trips because of the simplicity and genuine beauty of the views, and would love to travel more after this pandemic to meet people from different walks of life and discover the wonders of their cultures."

Thaileak (Cambodia) “I am Thaileak, an ordinary individual with a passion for volunteering in community development. Being a part of positive changes and improvements in the community is one of the most powerful and beautiful things one can experience. And now, through my journey with Masy Consultants, I believe I can create another impact in the world.”

Sam (Malaysia) “Hi, my name is Sam. I see the world as one big data problem, and therefore, would love to see the world through the lens of a data scientist. The advancement of data science is going to equip us with the best tools to solve social problems. In my spare time, I enjoy reading and playing badminton.”


About Masy Consultants

Masy Consultants is a social enterprise that provides clients with services ranging from project management and consultations to community engagement in the areas of clean water, sanitation, and renewable energy. With a team of professionals based across Australia and the Asia-Pacific, Masy remains results-driven, collaborative and resilient when it comes to delivering the best possible outcomes. Learn more at

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