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Selected as Global Sanitation Fellow by Engineering For Change (E4C)

Masy co-founder Thomas Da Jose selected as one of 25 Research Fellows to partake in distinguished Engineering For Change Fellowship Program.

Engineering For Change, LCC is a not-for-profit knowledge organisation within the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). The organisation is an international community of engineers, scientists, non-government organisations, local community advocates and other innovators committed to solving global development problems through humanitarian engineering - "by engineers for everyone".

Kickoff Session with the 2020 Fellowship Cohort, followed by weekly group calls, learning modules, assignments and research reporting over the next five months.

In June 2020, E4C announced their 25 Research Fellow finalists, from a pool of over 400 applicants from around the world, selected to partake in its 2020 Fellowship Program. Thomas Da Jose was selected as the Sanitation Fellow and is one of two Australians in the program, alongside Briana Jones, represented in this year's cohort.

He will be working alongside Dr. Jonathan Truslov, PhD in leading an E4C research project on sanitation solutions for hard rock areas in rural Cambodia, in partnership with Engineers Without Borders Australia. A report compiled from analysed findings will be published to help catalyse economic and social change in the water sector across Cambodia and wider Southeast Asia.

Snapshot of profile of 2020 Fellowship Cohort



The E4C Research Fellowship is a workforce development program in social innovation. It serves to build engineering capacity and prepare talent to solve local and global challenges, and to create knowledge as a public good. Fellows conduct targeted research within their areas of expertise, each project assigned and designed by the E4C team. 

Through work at the desk and in the field, Fellows’ primary focus is on researching technologies that will be added to E4C’s Solutions Library. Secondarily, Fellows support the development of Research Collaborations defined together with local or global partners, all of which are published on E4C’s Research page.



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